Monday, 20 June 2016

Middlegate Funding - Helping Real Estate Brokers Succeed

Middlegate Funding has been helping real estate brokers succeed in their businesses since 2013. Opened by former real estate and financial industry veterans, Middlegate has provided useful, fast commission advance services to its clients for years so they can actively manage their business and invest in their futures. Middlegate has a network of customer service representatives specifically trained and monitored to ensure that they are constantly offering their best efforts in solving problems and finding solutions for all of their clients around the United States. Middlegate maintains its large ranks of customers and corporate sponsors by always providing the lowest fees for their commission advance services and by keeping all of their fee structures completely transparent. 

Middlegate Funding keeps all of its agreements and fee structures transparent and worded to be easily understood because its founders believe that no hard-working real estate agent living commission check to commission check should have to navigate a maze of unnecessary restrictions, slow turnaround times, and hidden fees to get their commission advances. Middlegate offers new clients an easy online registration system that clearly explains all the costs and benefits and is backed up by a team of customer service representatives ready to help you enter all of the necessary information and to ensure that you can get your commission advance quickly and easily. 

Middlegate Funding makes it easy to set up an automatic transfer directly to bank accounts for commission advances. Its online registration system allows new customers to sign agreements online and provide documentation electronically. All online registrations are perfectly secured to ensure the personal data of all customers is safe. The nation’s premier commission advance company has developed a long list of customers working for a few of the country’s largest real estate companies. Its services allow real estate agents to keep their offices open and operational for the next wave of buyers and sellers. 

Real estate agents are in effect small business owners. They have to create their own advertising and operating budgets based on the sometimes-fickle income from their commissions on sales. Middlegate Funding allows agents and brokers to rely on a certain amount of consistent income from commission advances. Real estate agents need an office to show clients to and act as a hub for their team of realtors. Maintaining a business space takes regular payments for electricity, rent, and office supplies. Real estate professionals can’t maintain this if they go too long without commission checks. Sometimes after a sale, the checks take long periods of time to come through. That’s where Middlegate comes in.
By providing painless, low-cost commission advance services, Middlegate Funding allows real estate brokers and agents to maintain their office spaces, invest in new advertising strategies and materials, and keep their businesses thriving for the next opportunity.