Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Middlegate Funding - How to Get More Clients and Grow Your Business

Owning your own business can be a risky and difficult endeavor. If you run it well, however, you can make more money working for yourself than you can working for someone else. Getting your business off the ground is usually the riskiest and toughest part of running your own business. You have to have your financing in order, save enough to start your business and cover operating costs until it can make enough money to run on its own.

Once your business has entered the market, it’s time to start finding potential clients for your services. Finding clients can be difficult, depending on your market location and what kinds of products and services you’re selling. Chances are, if you managed to get funding from investors or a bank, you had to present a business plan detailing who your target customers are and how you plan on marketing directly to them. Sometimes these plans need adjustments. Usually, after a few months of struggling to attract clients, you’ll find that you may have to rethink your entire marketing strategy. Your strategy should focus on your target market the most, and attempt to add to that particular demographic over time. For example, a pet store’s prime demographic are middle-aged women, because research has found that those most likely to splurge on their pets are women whose children have moved away, and they need products to shower on their pets. Gaining new clients is about exposure and targeting your advertisements at the right demographic.

Middlegate Funding is a commission advance company that provides much-needed funding to professional real estate brokers and agents throughout the United States.

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Middlegate Funding - Keeping Your Business Afloat Amidst Stiff Competition

Small business owners have to fight against many competitors after they have been established for a few years, if not sooner. Many small businesses have such difficulty entering the market that they fail after their first three years. In order to keep your business afloat amidst stiff competition, you have to drive traffic to your website, and keep customers coming through the door of your physical location, if you have one. 

Small businesses have to be on the Internet in this economy to stay afloat. With a new generation of customers used to searching for what they need on the Internet with search engines like Google, your business has to be one of the first websites that comes up on their search results. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is how marketing agencies place businesses at the top of search results for their clients. For your business, it pays to invest in this service, because, even if your business doesn’t rely on web sales for the majority of its revenue, customers need to be able to find your business on a simple Google search. As your business grows, you will find more customers who have found your business over the Internet, and your web presence needs to be comprehensive. 

Middlegate Funding is a commission advance company that offers real estate brokers and agents in United States the chance to build theirbusiness and keep up with day-to-day expenses. Middlegate offers the lowest fees on its services and makes using their system quick and easy for real estate professionals.

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Middlegate Funding - How to Start Your Own Real Estate Firm

Starting your own real estate firm can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your real estate career. In most states, you have to have a minimum of two years of experience in selling real estate, and are required to take a state-approved class. Many real estate agents already know the ins and outs of selling property, and starting your own real estate firm can be a great way to make more money and build more security for career. Getting started is mostly about obtaining all the necessary insurance—errors and omissions insurance for brokerages in this case—finding good office space and getting the funding you need to run your office for the first few months to get your feet on the ground.

Now that you’re in the game, you have to start recruiting agents and building a clientele. The best real estate agents will bring their clients with them. You can build some of your clientele on the strength of agents and brokers that you recruit. You should also work to develop a strong web presence. Some of this should be done on social media, but you can also help your business out by building a professional and intuitive website allowing customers to browse your properties and get in touch with your office. 

Middlegate Funding is a commission advance company in United States that helps real estate brokers and agents cover their expenses when they need funding. Middlegate charges the lowest fees of any similar company in United States, and has helped thousands of real estate professionals throughout the country to keep their businesses afloat.

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Middlegate Funding in the Mann Report

Middlegate Funding was started by Ashley Joffe in 2013, and was quickly received by professionals in the real estate industry as well as featured in publications such as the Mann Report. Below is an excerpt from their April 2014 article that shows how the idea for this company came to fruition:

“After performing due diligence, Joffe conceived Middlegate's revolutionary low-cost service. The concept isn't entirely new – the first commission advance firms emerged in the late 1990s – but other firms have prohibitively high fees. 

No other company has done it so seamlessly, either. At Middlegate, agents simply apply online for an advance of up to 90% of their commission and then get approved quickly. The funds are in their bank accounts within 24 hours.”

The article goes on to explain the technical details of this business that have helped make them so successful:

 “Middlegate Funding further sets itself apart by offering unrivaled transparency and flexibility. All rates are posted on the website, and there are no hidden fees, limits, or credit checks. The firm also provides commission advance for every kind of real estate transaction, from residential leases to commercial investment sales to pre-construction. The goal is to empower agents to take more control over their finances, as they see fit.”